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I`v been digital since the start of internet and super-digital since 2005. That was the year when I was a marketing boss converting to a media player… That was the year when one man asked me; “heard about Facebook?” and I said “no! but I`ll start today”

So I’m digital and on social media and I have a network of five digital players around me who is my mentors and partners in crime. And I get hired in to small and big companies and  sometimes just coaching one person.

You and I want to reach a goal and that includes communication where there is people, and we want to be smart on that web. I`m doing expeditions and need my format. You have a pretty business and need another style, but the rules and mechanisms are the same.

I`v had 25 clients so far and some of my headlines and work with them is hidden behind this mechanisms:

  • P.O.P (it`s a rule – you should use it!)
  • 80% do not believe in constructed content ( you should think about un-constructed …)
  • Get it out and bring it home (it`s a mechanism  – you should use it!)
  • Jab, jab, jab, right hook  ( it`s a book about social media – you should read it!)
(Yes!!! – I`m teasing to get new customers with those shady words.. 😉  )

There are people on social media platforms… – and I’m on that platform to expose a little piece of what I’m doing – and then I`m there to get the people from the social media platform over to my own property – to read or involve on my own digital property.

You should do that too!

I work with workflow, mechanisms and how to get others involved …

You should do that too!

So I can be hired on; workflow and mechanisms. I want to bee five hours on your stage or a week beside you and your group:

I do how and why on:

0) Let you know and learn about; P.O.P, un-constructed, “bring it out and home”, and about jab, jab, jab, hook!

1) How to publish content using just 5-10 minutes/day.

2) Within two minutes – be on 5-10 Social media arenas.

3) Then let all the visitors and clicks comes to you and your digital property (your site).

4) This mean learning you; fast and fun publishing, and let your visitor see your work on your site – that means to use social media to expose and link your content – and not the other way around..

– the next step is how to let your customers or others be content makers for you, with link to you.


Hope to hear from you!

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