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Speeches: is my main agent. You will find their page about my speeches here.

My three favorite subjects in my speeches;

1. Motivation

2. Communication / teambuilding

3. Telling my own fairy tale about expeditions in 35 countries.


I/we have had some and I/we always want to speak with one more.. 😉

Content or contact from me? – Twitter @Heidenstrom  and mail me on bjorn.heidenstrom (att)  (I’m a lot away from my mail..)


You can hire & fire me in; Marketing, Communication, PR & Media, boosting your digital site and your social media. My concept for GPS/map/exposure of destinations is on


Want to meet Sepp Blatter? – well, I can’t fix that…

He is kind of busy! 😉


Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter

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