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#Howto 🙌 Take photo of a poster (or anything) with text and convert it to a word (or any text) document

So, I often take photos of signs and information-posters with a lot of information – and then I share this or use it in one of my books (but I need to re-write a lot…)

Then I found the video under – and now —- take photos and swhoosh… converted to text in 10 sec – to use / share.
Thanks #FacultyWorkshop

This is Ranten. 1419 above sea. Try it! #hiking #Eggedal #Buskerud

Start at Tempelseter and follow the T-mark and the blue-flag path over the waterfall towards Høgevarde. At the crossroads of Raudmyra, turn left towards Gråfjell, then follow the blue-marked path up the slope to the top of the Ranten.

The trail continues steeply down to Fetjenn and back to Templeseter. Ranten was a model for Th. The kittens famous painting “Soria Moria”. With its distinctive tagged profile it stands out on the Norefjell plateau and is easy to recognize.

The text is 100% from but the photo is mine 👍🧗‍♀️😎

My next (third) book is being made now

Name: the best tours  (trips?)  under 90 minutes from Drammen  ( “De beste turene under 90 minutter fra Drammen )

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About: hiking-, cycling- and paddling destinations under 90 minutes of driving from Drammen.

Out in the shops: I guess 15 December.

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