101-nature and “how to do the impossible”

I am doing three books- Two about trips in the nature and one about “how to do the impossible”

Trips in nature:

My first book has it`s homepage; www.101roykenhurum.com  (it`s in Norwegian, but you will fancy the photos.. 😉  I`m walking, camping, hiking, tracking (gps), taking photos, and collecting facts and history about the 101 best places to; hike, camp, walk, ski, cycle, fish or places to just have a nice day in the nature.

Thats on the destination “Hurum” (the peninsula where I live) – where you have the ocean on bouth sides and a super arena for outdoor in the middle, – and the next book will bee “101-Sjusjøen” the destination who has the best cross country tracks in Norway.

If you have a nice trip, track, photo or place; – please take contact on @heidenstrom (on Twitter ) I would love to have your stuff in my book.

Bjorn @heidenstrom on Twitter

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